July 20, 2010

As you have probably noticed from the snazzy layout around you, Lint Skins are back but with a new name and new attitude. For those of you who have not heard of Lint Skins from RPG-D, let me introduce myself: my name is Emily and I am a freelance skinner for IF 1.3 and Jcink. I can provide a professional, completely custom skin for your site and I’m also open to make extra sites using hosts such as webs.com and I provide full graphics for your site.

So, if you have an Invisionfree or Jcink site which you want a beautiful custom made skin made for I can help you out. Naturally the more you want the more it will cost, but for the most part you can get a custom-made skin with graphics for around $15. Soon I will be offering simple custom CSS and graphics which will be as cheap as $10 for those of you who don’t want any of the trimmings and want to tackle the header and footer yourself.

I know that obviously you would prefer that my skins remain free–and for the most part they are. Any skin you see featured at RPG-D in the skindex is, and always will be, for free. However, for those of you who are interested, I’m also willing to sell custom made skins which will be exclusively yours. If you’re interested check out the pricing details and my gallery!